For a long trip, if you sit for a long time, the body will be very tired and uncomfortable, understanding that problem of the customer, our company provides additional bed car rental service in Ho Chi Minh City.The following article introduces customers to this kind of attractive service of our garage.

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Introduce bed car rental service

OUR garage with many years of experience, therefore, understands the feelings of customers when renting a car, meets that need, helps customers feel more comfortable in long journeys, which is a car rental service.lie high.

Our garage with many different models of cars, many different places, integrating many facilities on the car, bringing the best experience for customers.

The staff of the company is always open, friendly, long-term, experienced, enthusiastic, honest, safe driver, trained continuously over the years.

Since then, the company’s service quality is more and more confirmed to customers, providing the best and most effective service.

Bed cars for rent

Our company provides customers with 3 types of bedding as follows:

Thaco Mobihome bed car

Tracomexco bed car

, …

Advantages of car rental service Our vehicle has the following good service advantages:

The company’s models are new models of cars equipped with many conveniences such as: decorating led lights around the car, adding television for entertainment customers, karaoke system on the car, cool water and cold towels on the car, … Most of them are large-sized cars, so they have a very large storage compartment, customers can bring hand luggage, or store their belongings in the trunk under the car, which is spacious, with ventilation system, and heat exhaust. under the car, ensure the luggage for customers.

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Our car is equipped with a high soundproofing system, a cool multi-dimensional air conditioner system, a free wifi, a modern luxury car decoration. In addition, the car ensures high safety, anti-vibration, due to an extremely good high-end suspension system, withstands great pressure. You can easily move in the car because the distance between the seats is quite comfortable, the seats have the function to adjust the tilt to suit the person.

In the car, each passenger is equipped with a thin blanket, along with soft soft pillows.

Our car is committed to pick up and drop off passengers at the right place, at the right time.